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The White Rose was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany which was led by five students and one professor at the University of Munich. The group was formed on 27 June 1942;
The group wrote, printed and initially distributed their pamphlets in the greater Munich region. In July 1943, Allied Planes dropped their sixth and final leaflet over Germany with the headline The Manifesto of the Students of Munich. In total, the White Rose authored six leaflets, which were multiplied and spread, in a total of about 15,000 copies. They denounced the Nazi regime's crimes and oppression and called for resistance. In their second leaflet, they openly denounced the persecution and mass murder of the Jews.
On 18 February 1943 Sophie, her brother Hans and another activist, Christian Probst were arrested by the Gestapo while distributing leaflets at Munich University. The trial took place on 22nd February with all three being executed by guillotine that same day. They were 21, 24 and 23 years old respectively. None of the defendants had been allowed to speak at their trial.

45 x 64 cm
Edition size 20

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