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Printmaker & Bookbinder

This is me, I’m the one on the left!

In the mid 1990s a friend and I screenprinted ‘Free Beth and Mandy Jordache’ t-shirts on my kitchen table to raise money for the local women’s refuge and since then I have been completely hooked on printmaking.

These days I don’t screenprint very often, preferring linocut and letterpress. I also like to combine monoprint techniques with lino. I love all printmaking and find printmakers the most interesting, generous people to spend time with.

On graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2004 with a BA in Fine Art Printmaking, I co-founded Red Hot Press, Southampton’s Open Access Print Workshop. A lot of my time is spent teaching so I fit making my own work around that. Teaching is great because you get to see other people falling in love with the process too.

In January 2016 I was lucky enough to receive a Shackleton Quality of Life Scholarship to travel to the Falkland Islands where I spent three weeks teaching Linocut and Bookbinding. It was an amazing experience and I made some great friends there, including the little fella in the photo.

I’m fairly eclectic in my work but on the whole I’m influenced by ancient landscapes, the strangeness of words and language and frogs plus 20th century printmakers like Bawden and Ravilious.

In my spare time I cycle and swim and you’ll see bits of that creep into my work too.

What I’ve been up to recently…

This bit is like a blog but less boring. I’ll update it as often as possible so keep popping by.

A few weeks ago it was the British Printing Society Convention which is always great fun. This year we were in SUNNY Bournemouth and it really was. It was fab to meet up with all my letterpress pals, especially Rachel from Semple Press. She's an amazing letterpress printer check out her website. We went halves on a drawer of 12pt typewriter and I'm itching to use it. She also instigated the Publishing Group swimming club - I won't post photos 

In other news I am still printing away for my Exhibition at Southampton City Art Gallery in October. I have finally editioned some more prints from the Lost in Translation series so they will go on display properly for the first time.

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