Katherine Anteney

Printmaker & Bookbinder

The linocut features the chorus of a song of the same name written and recorded by the Brazilian artist Gonzaguinho in 1973. Brazil was ruled by a military dictatorship from 1964  - 1985 during which time it is estimated that 434 people were either confirmed killed or went missing (not to be seen again) and 20,000 people were tortured.
Censorship was rife and songwriters got round the censor by cunningly disguising lyrics with blandly generalised expressions of love, longing and carnival.
The title of this song translates to General Behaviour, a way of acting and behaving like everything is good and fine, being kept happy and distracted with beer and parties while your rights and privileges are slowly being eroded. ‘Everything is good, everything is great, but what happens tomorrow, mate, when they take your carnival away?’

45 x 64 cm
Edition size: 20

Available as a greetings card £3

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